Public washrooms needed

Jacklynne Guimond

Dear editor,

When a trucker has to apologize to a woman who sees him urinating on the riverfront because there are no facilities available, it is time to bring out the ‘porta potties‘.
When folks stand behind the locked (and what should be condemned) toilets in Point Park, sheltering one another with towels for privacy, it is time to provide public washrooms. (Aren’t we really promoting ‘peeing in the lake?’)
Walking /biking seems to be one of the few luxuries we can participate in during this COVID19 time…along the lovely waterfront, through Point Park, and even in our beautiful Rainy Lake square…(the museum washroom is always locked). No where can one find an available toilet except for the workers repairing Scott Street…and maybe it isn’t open to the public either!
Yes, COVID19 is a valid concern…touching unsanitized surfaces is not recommended but most everyone carries sanitizer with them at this time.
Vandalism is another concern, yet there have been several “johnnys on the spot” during the Bass Tournaments each summer. I never heard if they were vandalized.
So bring out the ‘Loos’, please…those doggy bags just will not suffice!

Jacklynne Guimond
PS..oh the power of suggestion. The day after I wrote this the bathrooms at the marina were unlocked! Thank you, it’s a start!