Prominent coverage

Dear sir:
We commend the Fort Frances Times for its prominent coverage (Nov. 4, 7, and 13) of our recent open house—an event held at La Place Rendez-Vous that featured a visual display of foundation-building suggestions for enhancing the livelihood of our community.
We also take this opportunity to thank the many citizens who conveyed
constructive suggestions to our committee over the past 15 months. We
encourage continued community-stakeholder participation in the development of a common-sense approach to re-shaping our town to meet the challenges of a new era.
The consultants’ work is proceeding on schedule and the final report is
expected to be issued in early 2003—the town’s centennial year.
Meanwhile, the date, time, and place of the next open house will be announced early next month.
Susan Bodnarchuk
Chair, Re-Inventing
Fort Frances Committee