Please vote

Dear Mike:
I take this opportunity to say “thank you” to the mayor, council, and staff of the Town of Fort Frances.
Thank you for the efficient handling of the rising water this past spring and for thawing out the multiple frozen water lines in the winter.
These are two extraordinary tasks that indicate you have taken good care of us.
With regards to the upcoming municipal election in Fort Frances, I only can speak for myself. This election is extremely important for the future of our community. It is exciting to see the diverse selection of people who have stepped up to move our community forward.
I encourage voters to base your selection on sound facts rather than promises, guesses, or impulsive emotions. Understand who and what you are voting for.
We each have one vote for mayor and six votes for councillors. Vote only for individuals you trust to do the best job possible for the future of our community. If you know only one trustworthy individual who is running for council, vote for that one person.
If you are wondering about a candidate, contact that candidate and interview him/her. Check out their references. How do they measure up to your ideals of a leader?
What qualifications, experience, and wisdom do they bring to council? What motivates the candidate? Are they able to admit mistakes? Do you approve of their track record?
What is their vision and commitment for the future of our community?
Each candidate has applied for a job. On Oct. 27, you and I will be the employer on the selection team.
Vote as you please but please vote.
Erma Armit
Fort Frances, Ont.