Dear editor, The following is an open letter to Premier Doug Ford from North Bay Pride. Dear Premier Ford; We are writing to you for a few reasons. Foremost is to support the private member’s bill by MPP Kristyn Tam-Wong, which can be found here. This bill is very […]

Dear editor, What’s so amazing about Easter? For one thing, it’s remarkable that it’s still being observed after 2,000 years. And how are we observing it besides eating a fine meal, “Easter” eggs and chocolate bunnies? Let’s be reminded that the Lord Jesus, Creator of Heaven and Earth, whose virgin […]

Dear editor, Can the federal government, Transport Canada and VIA Rail make travel through Northern Ontario anymore complicated? I’m asking for a friend, because public transportation in this region clearly wasn’t designed for ordinary people needing to get from point A to point B. To begin with, VIA doesn’t connect […]

Dear editor, I would like to comment on the economic diversity of Ontario in general. It is no secret that much of the wealth of Ontario has come out of mineral and forestry resources extracted from Northern Ontario then sent to Southern Ontario which has enriched those who live in […]

Dear editor, A groomed cross country ski trail on private property takes many hours of preparation and maintenance. A trespassing snowmobiler can trash it in a few minutes. Please be respectful of other people’s work. Phil Whatley

Dear editor, A recent declaration by four Treaty 3 First Nations here in NW Ontario has declared they will demand the province of Ontario stop what they call the free entry into their homelands by mining companies carrying out mineral exploration. Protection of their homelands and watersheds are at the […]

Dear editor: The following is an open letter to Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion from North Bay Pride: Dear Minister Hussen: We are in receipt of your latest response to our previous letters outlining the need to end homelessness by giving homes, not temporary solutions. You […]

Dear editor, The Family Centre relies entirely on volunteers and donations to help the needy in our community. On top of that they pay rent to the volunteer bureau for the space they occupy as a drop in centre, food bank and clothing bank. The volunteer bureau supplies a garbage […]

Dear editor, The Government of Ontario may have finally taken its first real tangible step forward to make passenger rail service in the northeast a reality. The Associate Minister of Transportation, Stan Cho, and his ministerial colleagues — Victor Fedeli (MPP for Nipissing), George Pirie (Timmins) and Graydon Smith (Parry […]

Dear editor, We’ve been avid readers of the Fort Frances Times for decades and are grateful for the vital part The Times plays in keeping our community informed and entertained. Your article “Times past and future” summarized it well for us. Over years past the editorial page of this newspaper […]

Dear editor, The nuclear industry has been looking for a place to dump their toxic waste for over five decades and Northern Ontario has been the main focus of their efforts. Back in the early 1980s shortly after two mines closed Atomic Energy Of Canada Ltd.(AECL) came to Atikokan with the […]

Dear editor, Christmas – the time of year where all across the world, Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ of our Father God. A time when we gather together with our families and friends to enjoy a meal, fellowship and opening of gifts. The […]