Dear Editor,
I don’t understand how the athletic achievements of the Mine Centre students can be consistently overlooked by your paper.  I phoned your reporter back in April asking this question after our boys’ team won their SECOND regional GOLD medal of the year (they won the gold medal at the Region 1 Boys’ Volleyball Championship in November, as well as the Regional Boys’ Basketball Championship in March).
   In addition, they have won five gold medals, one silver, and two bronze medals between boys’ and co-ed volleyball and boys’ basketball in the various tournaments held throughout the region this year.  Is not Seine River, Nigigoonsimeniganing and Mine Centre within the sphere of your readership?  Do not the parents and families of these students contribute to the success of your paper by purchasing it and supporting the businesses that pay to advertise with you?  What possible reason would you have for ignoring the achievements of these boys, girls and coaches?
Not only did you not report on this incredible bunch of athletes, but every picture that has appeared in your paper were of athletes from teams that Mine Centre defeated during the play offs.  Our students have demonstrated exceptional skills that would make exciting subjects of tournament pictures, as any spectator of many of these tournaments will attest to.  If parents and coaches from other teams feel compelled to comment on the abilities of the Mine Centre players, then why would your reporter ignore the opportunity to investigate and report on the success of these kids?
As their Grade 7&8 teacher (only 14 students in total) I know how exceptional these children are and would like to see their achievements acknowledged.
This weekend is the coed tournament hosted by Mine Centre School.  We may not again achieve gold but I know that everyone will be entertained by the high caliber of play from all participants.
Ruth Mackie
Grade 7&8 Teacher
Mine Centre School