Dear sir:
Fort Frances is a caring community. We care about people, and we also care about our earth and the environment. This is why I am so outraged by the decision to discontinue/postpone the “blue box” program!
I am so proud of our citizens for being responsible in their participation and support of this program. Now it is going away until September?
By what I have heard on the news and read in the paper, it is strictly because of economics. I challenge the town to print in the newspaper the cost of the “blue box” program versus the cost we will now incur with the extra time that will be required by our refuse collectors in having all that additional refuse to pick up every week.
Mr. Naturkach encourages us to keep up the program by compacting and hauling out to the landfill site. This way, I guess, the town can collect some money from us for this in addition to the taxes we already pay!
Also, while we are at it, let’s factor in the cost of the useless trip to Tennessee taken by some of our town employees. Please don’t get me started on the utter futility of this venture!
Then let’s talk about the fiasco and the dollars spent on fixing and re-fixing a computer program for the town bills when proper research should have given us a competent system right from the start!
Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings on this important subject.
Carla Kibiuk