Opportunity knocking

Dear sir:
This is an open letter to the residents of Fort Frances and Rainy River District.
I am a former resident. I left eight years ago to find employment and have never looked back—that is until now. At the recent news of a possible Wal-Mart opening, my husband and I have considered the possibility of returning to the area.
I have been employed by Wal-Mart for six years now. I would love nothing more than to see the town of Fort Frances and surrounding areas have the opportunity to have fair and competitive prices. Wow, can you imagine the increased cash flow in town?
Not to mention by allowing a Wal-Mart to open, you would create anywhere from 300-500 jobs. Your children would not have to leave to seek suitable employment.
They would have the chance for competive wages and benefits—not to mention the chances of advancement. No more dead-end jobs flipping burgers, wondering why they bothered to finish school.
Let’s keep your hometown kids home instead of making them into occasionaly visitors.
So this is a challenge to everyone there that wants to see the town prosper. Let the council and Chamber of Commerce know that you want growth and opportunities for your children.
Nancy Reilly
Thunder Bay, Ont.