Opinion supported

David Kircher

Dear editor:
The following letter was sent to the Rainy River District School Board on Monday (Jan. 19):
In a review of the Nov. 25, 2008 finance committee minutes, together with the auditor’s notes to the financial statements for the year ending Aug. 31, 2008, I noticed the following:
On Nov. 13, 2007, three-and-a-half weeks after discovering the missing funds at Fort Frances High School, the signing authorities for the board established a credit facility at the Royal Bank of Canada for up to $300,000 without a board resolution.
More than a year later, it was noticed (likely by the audit) that this credit facility was set up without board approval and that one was required, and that its purpose was to buy three vans.
The board, at its regular December, 2008 meeting, passed a resolution approving the credit facility and authorizing the signing authorities to act on this facility as needed with no termination.
I also would like to note that the production order (previously referred to) established that the board’s account was located at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, as of Oct. 24, 2007.
Needless to say, the above information raises many questions, such as: Why such a large credit facility for three vans? Why was it established at a different bank? Why was it done without a resolution? And why was the fact that it was set up without board approval completely forgotten for that length of time?
Based on my past experience of asking this board questions, I do not expect a valid response. However, the above information unfortunately supports the opinion and impression of this board’s lack of oversight and accountability.
Thank you,
David Kircher
Fort Frances, Ont.