One law for all

Dear sir:
Recently in a couple of stores, I saw baby or small walleyes for sale.
Being a commercial fisherman, I was interested in knowing where these small fish came from and who had caught them. I was told they were caught by native fishermen.
These fish are too small to be caught in legal-size walleye nets, and are only defeating our slot size and the MNR’s walleye recovering program.
If this killing of our small walleye is allowed to continue in court, as a legal measure for natives, and they (natives) prove they do not have to obey or abide by our laws, then they also have proven they are not justified in getting any benefits from our government’s social benefits.
Until one law governs our fish and wildlife for all people, not two sets of laws, all re-stocking of fish and wildlife will be a waste of tax-payers’ money since there will be no way to control our killing of fish and wildlife.
Allan Kielczewski
Fort Frances, Ont.