Now I know

Dear sir:
I’m writing in regard to the column by Mike Behan, “Moving With Mike,” in the July 16 issue of the Fort Frances Times.
Last Tuesday, July 22, I decided to try the “Dial-A-Ride Van.” I found it certainly wasn’t what I need. Here’s why:
I informed the driver that I didn’t know how much time I would need before needing the cab to come home. “Phone us,” the driver replied. I did phone but when the cab came, I was told I had to phone 15 minutes before the hour. I guess I should have stood outside the store for three-quarters of a hour. As an 80-year-old senior, this can be uncomfortable at the best of times.
Then I was told I could not bring groceries on the van unless it was something small enough to hold in my hand. Also, they would not help load or unload the groceries but being the first day of operations, they would excuse me.
My point is this. Seniors go uptown mainly to get groceries–not just for a cup of coffee or to walk the street. If we cannot bring home what we needed to go for, there is simply no need to hire a van in the first place. Call it boycotting if you will.
We always brought our groceries on the bus. And by the way, it was cheaper–22 tickets for $20 at the town hall. I still have over half a book of tickets.
I wonder “who” is causing the seniors to consider to bypass this kind of service. I know I won’t have much use for it, in its present form. We do not boycott that which is useful to us.
As for the town bus, we always knew when it would be at the shelter–no need to phone. We had the same choice then as now. If the weather was bad, there was no need to go out and there was the shelter.
As for losing the sympathy of other residents, don’t you think they used the bus, also.
Yes, it looks like an election year, and a few squirming officials. There is one thing to be said–“Now I know.”
O.R. Wright