Non-resident tags wrong

Dear editor:
Pertaining to the article on the moose count in Wildlife Management Unit 11A that appeared in last week’s Times.
In 1939 or 1940, WMU 11A was closed down for resident and non-resident hunters alike. And it remained closed for around 20 years until the moose population had built up enough for resident hunters to be allowed in.
Then in 1999, the Ministry of Natural Resources let out 11 bull tags and four cow tags for non-resident hunters in this unit (these tags were to be sold by outfitters).
I know people who have applied for tags in the draw for nine years and never received any in WMU 11A, but outfitters get 15 tags to sell to non-residents.
The MNR says the moose count is down 40 percent, but they forget new roads give our sustance hunters (natives) access to hunting year-round in country they could not get to easily before.
Also, two big reserves are in WMU 11A, whose people hunt moose all year. As such, there should not be any tags issued for non-residents in that unit.
I guided non-resident moose hunters in WMU 11A more than 60 years ago. Non-resident hunting was stopped then—and it should not be allowed now.
Allan Kielczewski