Name change debate

Dear editor,

I am one of the White Seniors who live on Colonization Road West.

I have lived on this road for almost 70 years. I never knew what colonization meant, so I looked it up in the Webster’s dictionary. It states it’s a colony of people.

All these years I never knew it was hateful to some people. Anyone can live on this road, and do. I wrote a letter in 2017 when this last came up. I said I thought it would cost a lot to change its name as at that time we just got the new blue road signs. They say it won’t be difficult or cost us a dime as some-one will do it all for us – how can they? Our health card, credit cards and important papers are to be kept private. Who will do this for nothing and if it is paid for, will it come out of our taxes?

Now they say go in the internet. Not everyone has the “internet.”

Don’t we have enough sadness this year – we have COVID all over the world and our mill is being torn down and we were hoping it could be used for something else to help the people of our town. And now this road change – don’t we have enough sadness in our town?

If our road’s name gets changed, will everyone be happy and for those who it bothers will the hurt in their heart all go away?

Elizabeth Batiuk