More pressing issue

Dear editor:
In regard to your editorial about the resurfacing of roads in the north end of Fort Frances (York, Elizabeth, Cornwall, and Sixth Street).
There is a much more pressing issue than these bad roads. This issue is the inadequate drainage plan for the development on York Avenue and Eighth Street.
This area was built to a much-higher elevation than the surrounding houses to the south. Run-off water from the back of their geared-to-income houses drains south, filling our back yards and our poor to non-existent front ditches.
The town has fixed the sewage pipe problems on York, caused by this development, by replacing some sewer pipes and manholes. There were no watermain leaks so I find the town’s excuse for not resurfacing to be implausible.
This development to the north should not have been approved by the town until it had a proper drainage plan!
Bylaw officer Dennis was informed two years ago. He stated that water on our side of their dike (the development’s dike) would drain into a non-existent ditch to the east of their property that had been filled in by the development.
The unsurfaced roads help to keep some traffic and some contractors from speeding down York Avenue.
Thank you,
George Bliss
Fort Frances, Ont.