More on Wal-Mart

Dear editor:
What is Wal-Mart going to do for our town? Sure, it will provide minimum wage jobs, but at what expense?
Ask the Salvation Army. Three weeks ago in Toronto, Wal-Mart kicked the Salvation Army people off its property. They stated Wal-Mart has a “no solicitation” policy for a charitable or any other organization (they must be really worried about the dollar or two going to the homeless rather than into their profits).
Guess that means Wal-Mart will not be giving any time or money back to our community.
What about our children? If they get sick, will Wal-Mart care? Will it donate, help do fundraisers, or build our hospital?
This is an American company which does not have Canadian values, where companies and small business give of their time and money to local events and charities year after year.
Our town is built on donations of time and money from the community and business.
Wal-Mart will not stop out-shopping. We will all still take our weekends away and go to the city for all the variety of stores and excitement it has to offer!
I know there is no stopping Wal-Mart should they come. But when you are shopping and think you are getting value, remember what’s valuable to you—your community!
S. Hoard