Meeting request on homelessness

It has come to our attention that Fort Frances Town Council is in the process of implementing a By-law restricting tents on residential property. Before Council elects to make such a decision regarding this matter, I am requesting an all-inclusive meeting with the Fort Frances Town Council along with the executive and volunteers at the Family Centre.

This meeting is one of critical importance as we need positive solutions to the grave concerns of the number of female homeless individuals who are truly vulnerable to abuse, victimization, harm, neglect, exploitation, sexual abuse and inclement weather conditions that they will be subject to without them being provided a safe environment with a roof over their head.

There are a number of serious issues that need to be discussed with the positive stakeholders, who are working diligently to help those who are homeless, hungry, suffering with mental health issues, addictions, physical disabilities, etc.

What s needed is a positive community effort to focus on access and provide a wide range of programs focussing on the daily needs of the individuals in crisis in our community (like health care, counselling, psychiatric emergency services, suicide prevention, legal, educational, housing, crisis intervention and crisis services, etc.

Note! This wide ranging community effort must include the participation of our Indigenous neighbours, our members of provincial and federal government, The Homelessness Committee, Town Council and the available stakeholders to make good things happen.

I look forward to attending and open, independent meeting, separate from the Regular Meeting of Town Council, to allow this community to speak to this matter, without limitation to a Council Agenda.

I will provide a copy of this request to the Family Centre and trust the Council will hold a well advertised meeting to discuss these very serious concerns.

Yours Truly,
Allan T. Bedard