Meditating  ‘mid  the Medics

Dear editor,

It wasn’t a life-threatening situation but I did feel it needed attention before the clinic opened on Tuesday. It was Sunday; I would go to Emerge right after church.

I registered at the desk at 12:15PM, preparing myself for a one hour wait. There were three others before me. A half hour later one couple decided to leave; they were not prepared to wait any longer. That was a plus for me!

By 1:20PM two people had been called in. I relocated and chatted with a fellow who arrived after me…suggesting that if we were given a paint brush and can of paint, we could do some touch-up work in the waiting room. I also saw a sign giving credit to the K of C’s for the waiting room . Nice going guys! May your generosity continue!

TV bowling wasn’t entertaining with everyone always getting strikes…but the arrival of two ambulances made me edgy. Surely they would take precedence over me  in the triage system. It was now 1:45PM  I had been here for an hour and a half!

Something inside me shifted. Yes, I had been sitting in a comfortable place for an hour and a half, virtually pain free. Then I wondered about the guys who had just arrived; what were their stories? Were they in pain? I let my heart wander into prayer mode for them and everyone else behind those closed doors.

I think it was 2:30PM when I heard my name and I instantly replied: ”Bingo”

I felt like a winner! (Silly me, texting my husband to say I probably wouldn’t be long.)

I was assigned a ‘room’ with a bed and a chair. My medical issue did not require a bed so I opted for the chair. In less than 10 minutes I was moved to a recliner; that space was needed for yet another arrival.

I had the perfect spot to watch all the action…..nurses, aids, security people , paramedics sanitizing the stretchers after dropping off a patient….a mentally challenged patient requiring extra care, hearing a nurse refer to him as ‘honey’….what a picture of ‘real people’ taking care of ‘real people.’ I mentioned to one nurse that I wish I could have videotaped the whole thing…And in the middle of all this activity, ONE Doctor who gave me and the others her undivided attention when it was our turn.

It was 3:15PM when I left the hospital.

Yes, I had a three hour wait…….three hours that provided me with insight to be grateful for the caring people providing health care for us. While I just rested, waited,  and reflected in gratitude for three hours,  all those workers were running their legs off. Time……It really is all perspective!

Jackie Guimond