Long live the King

Dear editor,

The Game of Thrones wit displayed in your Coronation cartoon of 26 April would be entertaining if not for the fact that the very existence of Canada and it’s constitutional monarchy are totally intertwined. Few young Canadians might care about this coronation that is a 1000 year old Anglican ceremony when so few people attend church like at the 1953 coronation and Muslims Sikhs Jews Hindus and Buddhists are such an integral part of Canada now if not always My father told me of hardships in the depression as part of an immigrant family and people had just come out of a world war so patriotism was all the rage then . Whether or not young people can handle the concepts of duty and service I for one remind us of the somewhat naive but sincere words of our late queen in 1947 I DECLARE …THAT MY WHOLE LIFE….SHALL BE DEVOTED TO YOUR SERVICE King Charles may not be as popular as his late wife but we get other royal family members in the deal. LONG LIVE THE KING.

Ron Welker