Let’s not forget

Dear Mike:
Not only was I surprised but absolutely stunned that the Fort Frances Times had no reports relating to the sudden shutdown of the current session of the Ontario legislature on Monday, June 4.
Regrettably, Shaw Cable (Ch. 80) telecasts only five hours (daily) from the legislative assembly; therefore, viewers are deprived full coverage of the daily proceedings, which include committee hearings.
Premier Dalton McGuinty prematurely adjourning the provincial legislature three weeks early is absurd, cowardly, and gutless. The premier has been taking a great deal of “heat” recently over major scandals, such as (just to name a few):
•the 25 percent pay increase MPPs received just before Christmas (I believe the NDP members refused acceptance);
•the Ontario lottery fiasco; and
•“Colle-gate” (the dispersal of millions of grant dollars to Liberal-supported ethnic organizations, generally in southern Ontario, with no accountability as to how the funds are distributed or spent).
McGuinty’s support has drastically faded of late!
Is this a political tactic to have the voter forget the current government blunders? You bet!
With the election scheduled for Oct. 10 (the writ to end this government will be dropped Sept. 10), hopefully the voting public will not be fickle on election day.
The next provincial government likely will commence in late November (that’s five months from now).
Let’s not forget!
Thanking you for your time.
Yours truly,
Larry Wood
Fort Frances, Ont.