In response

Dear editor:
In response to last week’s letter to the editor under the heading “Clarifying Comments” by Linda Wall, Rainy Lake area supervisor for the Ministry of Natural Resources.
We are killing our fisheries as one of the holding tanks at one of the tournaments was filled with chlorinated water, instead of required lake water, which in turn killed a major portion of the fish caught.
Now who cares what marine biologist is involved, whether they are from Fort Frances or Timbuktu. They are highly-trained and know what it takes for the survival of our fisheries.
I have contacted different marine biologists with exactly the same outcome to the problems created especially at tournaments. As I said before, the MNR is handcuffed from tournaments and will not impose on it.
The derby committees and sportsmen’s clubs have full control of tournaments. Would a marine biologist put chlorine water in a fish holding tank? I would think not.
This major tournament kill was kept quiet from the public—until now.