Hearty thanks

Dear editor:
The Salvation Army is so full of joy that district residents were able to obey the commandment, given by Jesus, to “feed the poor” and “cloth the naked.”
It would be difficult for the Salvation Army to fulfill its mission without your help. As such, we would like to express our gratitude to all the donors, volunteers, churches, businesses, banks, clubs, and individuals for their effort and generosity this past Christmas season.
We thank you for all the hard work you did to make brighter spirits of giving, and to collect the funds necessary to fulfill our commitment to the people in our community and district.
All donations provided from you were used 100 percent this Christmas season throughout Rainy River District.
We give thanks to the Lord for He is good! Some people, the children especially, would not have had much at Christmas.
Without your help, we would not have had enough funds so these people could be able to open a gift; to see a little child’s surprised look when, for the first time, they held a toy he/she never had.
The love those children had come to their hearts from your kindness. This feeling will never leave these people.
The food and gifts that you provided is a sign the Salvation Army loves the people we serve. The Salvation Army helped 228 adults, as well 107 children and 35 teenagers, leaving us with 197 hampers to hand out.
Truly, the spirit of all giving to others in need is well-accepted.
May I again say thank you very much for your sharing in this way, and may God give each and every one of you his riches blessings during 2008.
Capt. Angel Sandoval-Silva
The Salvation Army,
Fort Frances, Ont.