He who is without sin….

Dear sir:
This letter is in response to an article by Duane Hicks, “Smith trial underway,” on Oct. 30, 2002.
In the Hicks article, he seems to have chosen to titillate the readers with a one-sided reporting of the events. There was no reference made to the cross examination of the Crown’s witnesses.
There also was a letter on page A4 with reference to the Atikokan Crisis Centre, the title being “Statistics on murders of woman a scandal.”
The crisis centre article appears to me to be designed to generate revenue for the crisis centre’s cause at the expense of the Smith family.
I personally have followed the circumstances of the Smith’s prosecution since its beginning two years ago. My observations included looking at the Crown disclosures, talking to the Smiths, attending the preliminary hearing in March, 2002, and the deliberations of the past week.
In that two-year period, I find the Smith’s two children to be very happy and smart. Their mother is very hard-working and dedicated to her family. The fact she is a pharmacist is indicative of her intelligence and education.
The children’s father, Don, is very good with computers and doing computer-generated special effects. I have learned much about new technology and find it all very interesting.
I do not believe it is anyone’s place at this time to pass judgment on the Smith family. It is ultimately the job of the jury, with assistance from defence and Crown counsel, to weigh the matter in a fair and unbiased forum.
In our Christian-based society, we spend a lot of time considering hypocrisy. This brings to my mind the story of Jesus and the women that was about to be stoned to death in the courtyard.
Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”
When the churches in our community fill on Sunday, it is my hope that everyone remembers kindness, compassion, and the roots of Christianity.
Kenneth Charles Hyatt