Great work!

Dear editor:
Last week I wrote an article called “College offering leadership training.”
In that article, I thanked the community for its support—support that comes in many different ways, including job placement and job shadowing, allowing our students the opportunity to simply take a tour or come in and conduct assignments, or just talk about their industry or business.
We also rely on individuals to be coaches, mentors, and preceptors.
There is one very important contribution I overlooked: community support at college functions.
Back on Good Friday (April 6), the first-year class of our Social Service Worker program had a family Easter egg hunt at the college.
When they first approached me about having it at the college, one of my first questions was, “How many people are you expecting?” The students replied, “Approximately 40 or 50.”
So absolutely I agreed to the event and wished them the best of luck.
When I arrived back into work the following Monday, I was thrilled to learn the event was a success. What I wasn’t prepared for was the overwhelming support from the community.
The community responded in a way that the students and I never dreamed of. The event brought in more than 200 people. Wow!
Once again, the people of Rainy River District were there to support a college function. Thank you.
Congratulations also to the first-year Social Service Worker students. Your planning and hard work paid off. It was a job well-done.
Michael Cameron
Interim Campus Manager
Rainy River District Campus
Confederation College