Great job

To the editor:
I just recently returned from London, Ont., where I had the opportunity to attend the all-Ontario boys’ high school hockey tournament. The Muskie boys, coaches, and parents represented Northwestern Ontario very well.
You may not have come home with the gold medal, but you were there—many will never be able to say this. You also have a young team and with a lot of hard work and determination, you might have the chance to attend again.
You went into the all-Ontarios seeded fourth, which is something else you should be proud of and carry with your many hockey memories.
You were great ambassadors for the sport as well as our community in London. As a dad, I was proud of your play on the ice and your discipline off it.
To the Muskie parents, I hope you are proud of your boys—they deserve a pat on the back. Just think of their first time on skates and there they were representing Northwestern Ontario in London.
There are many good memories and experiences that come with hockey and as a parent, it is a big part of your life. Look at my wife and I. We still follow our son—even now as a coach!
Great job Fort Frances Muskies! Be proud. I’m looking forward to next season!
Tony Bliss
Emo, Ont.
Dad, Muskie