Good to know

Paul Forget

Dear editor:
On a recent solo ice-fishing trip, my snowmachine failed to start at the end of the day.
My family started to worry when I had not returned well after dark, so the OPP was called to get assistance in locating me.
I had found shelter after several hours of walking towards my truck, which was about 19 km away, but had no way to communicate this to my family.
The OPP officers showed up on snowmachines in the early-morning hours after following my trail in from the day before.
Needless to say, I was quite happy to see them because it saved me a long—and possibly dangerous—walk out, but mostly because it brought relief to my family who were extremely worried for my safety.
It is good to know that no matter what the weather, the location, or the time of day, help—possibly life-saving—is just a phone call away.
I would like to thank the OPP officers who attended the call, as well as the OPP dispatch centre personnel who were very professional in taking the call and quick in getting help on the way.
Paul Forget
Fort Frances, Ont.