Freedom of choice?

Dear sir:
I am a non-smoker and have listened to many of the smoking issues. Could somebody please tell me who died and made Dr. Sarsfield God? Did I miss something? Who voted him supreme leader of the Rainy River District?
I always thought that this is a democratic society, not a dictatorship. The next thing you know, this person will be telling us how much water to drink, what kind of car to drive, and what we can or cannot eat. Which, of course, will be in our best healthy interest!
Apparently, he is now the keeper of our bodies.
It is very sad that we are threatened to be taken to court—when it is our money that pays his wages and our money that he will use against us in court.
According to a letter dated Jan. 11, 2002 by Mr. Sarsfield, he has the authority to declare a health hazard, and warn the public. Fine—we have been warned of a health hazard. I believe we can make our own informed choices to what is good or bad for us.
The only person who has the power he claims over us is the prime minister.
We all have choices! It should be my choice if I want to go into a business that has a smoking policy, as it is any non-smoker’s choice to do the same. If second-hand smoke is soooo bad, then why hasn’t the government banned the sale of tobacco products?
Solution—leave it up to the owners of these businesses, who pay the hefty taxes, to go smoking or non-smoking. Put in non-smoking rooms, better fan system, smoke eaters!
Do we really have the freedom of choice? Is this a dictatorship or a democratic society??
Bonnie Doucette