Former MP critical of plan to amalgamate northern ridings

Dear editor,

The proposed amalgamation and loss of one riding in NorthWestern is of major concern to

our entire region.

Indeed when one considers the huge expanse of territory, larger than many provinces, and remarkably larger than many countries in this world- it becomes startlingly clear that an ADDITIONAL Member of Parliament is required not one less!

By way of illustration if one chooses to drive to Thunder Bay from Rainy River on the Manitoba border – it is a 5 hour drive if no stops are made!

Contrast this to the shorter distance and four-hour drive of Windsor to Toronto!

With the very large number of municipalities and First Nations that an MP must provide constituent services to, it should be patently apparent that MORE MPs would be helpful-not less!

In fairness to the Commission’s work the entire NorthWestern part of the Province could be redistributed into 4 ridings, the concept of which has been widely requested by virtually all

Municipalities, First Nations, and their collective associations and assemblies over the decades.

It is not just the distance factor but the wide spatial gaps in accessibility for both constituents and their MPs that will further trouble lessening services to the people of the NorthWest!

I respectfully request the amending of the punitive diminishment of constituent representation for NorthWestern Ontario be amended to ADD an additional Federal Member of Parliament.

Yours Most Emphatically,
Ken Boshcoff

Former MP
Thunder Bay-Rainy River