Feeling unwanted

Dear sir:
I first came to Northwestern Ontario in 1946 to work in the mines in the Red Lake area.
As I was young at the time, I didn’t pay much attention to politics and you had to be 21 to vote any election.
The first member of the federal house that I remember was Bill Benidickson. The constituency covered the area from the U.S. border to the north of Ontario.
Now, the constituency has been changed to take in Thunder Bay and the north has been removed. We have the three major parties represented by three candidates from Thunder Bay.
I have never laid eyes on any of these candidates.
I see by the Fort Frances Times that there was an all-candidates’ meeting in Fort Frances a couple of weeks ago. I was unaware of this or I would have surely attended.
Either it was poorly advertised or I was not very alert. I suspect it was not well advertised as the article stated there were only about 20 people present. Not a good turnout.
What should I do on election day—spoil my ballot or just stay home? It seems to me that nobody wants my vote.
Yours truly,
Donald McCulloch
Devlin, Ont.