Fantastic people

Dear Mr. Editor:
Certainly not by choice, nor by travel preference, I have been privileged to spend the last six weeks (before and after spinal surgery) at the Port Arthur General and La Verendrye hospitals.
During that period, I was looked after by probably 50 or 60 different nurses and nurses’ aides. Be it their first hour on duty or their last hour on a gruelling eight-, 10-, or 12-hour shift, on only two very brief occasions did I feel that I was a burden to their fantastic T.L.C. and smiling and encouraging faces.
They deserve all the kudos and thanks anyone could possibly give, to each and every one of them.
I enjoy and watch a lot of golf on television, and the PGA Golf Tour advertises “These Guys are Good.” Well, these people in the hospital are not “good,” they are absolutely “fantastic.”
And I certainly must include Dr. Hoffman in Thunder Bay and Dr. Moorhouse in Fort Frances. Thank you.
Bud Hebert
Fort Frances,