Double standard

Dear sir:
This letter is in response to the article published in last Wednesday’s Times regarding the bylaw extension for walking dogs along the waterfront.
As a responsible dog owner who does pick up the mess, it is a shame that certain individuals have destroyed a privilege that a lot of Fort Frances citizens appreciate.
I have two dogs, one of which is a retriever breed. I train my dog for duck hunting, and the docks and shore along the waterfront are key locations easily accessed from my east end residence. My dogs are not allowed to run unsupervised along the path, and I leash them in the presence of children, other dogs, and people walking along the path.
I guess my wife and I will follow the bylaw but we are disappointed in losing the privilege.
My question to the town is why are dogs subjected to bylaws regarding being leashed in certain areas and cleaning up their messes yet cats in this town run wild, messing in flower beds, digging up plants and flowers, and making a racket at night fighting with other cats?
Should cat owners not be required to leash or tie up these animals in their yards so they are not running free? There is a double standard with regards to the rules surrounding cats in this community and I think it is ridiculous.
Cat owners in this town should fall under the same restrictions and rules as dog owners, and it should be enforced.
Kevin Begin
Fort Frances citizen
and dog owner