Door is open

Nick Wihnan

Dear editor:
Seniors today are more healthy and active than ever before. In simple terms, they are living longer and participating in many different activities.
According to a Harvard study conducted by assistant professor A. Glass, seniors who get out and socialize lower their mortality rate (sometimes considerably) and improve their overall health.
Integrating social and recreational activities into senior lifestyles appears to enhance the overall health of aging seniors.
As stated by Marjory LeBreton, government leader in the Senate and Secretary of State for Seniors, “Our seniors have given so much to our country and communities. They have worked hard all their life and deserve the support of government to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
“They continue to build our communities and country, and want to make it a better place to live.”
The seniors in our community are no exception to that rule.
We have a great community of vibrant seniors, and many of them can be found at the Sister Kennedy Centre here in Fort Frances. You will find many of them, on a daily basis, sharing a coffee and conversation, playing snooker, playing floor or table shuffleboard, playing cards, attending our great potluck suppers, working in the workshop, and participating in the Senior Games.
You won’t find a more diverse group of people who are more highly-charged, intellectually-stimulating, and just enjoying an active life.
2012 will be an exciting year for the Sister Kennedy Centre. We adopted a working plan to enhance the activities there, to promote new ideas and ventures, and to meet the demands of what is needed to make our seniors’ centre a success.
The centre (as Mayor Avis and council stated clearly) is a priority within the town’s strategic plan to be a one-stop seniors’ centre for all issues dealing with local seniors.
As Mayor Avis also stated, the majority of Fort Frances’ population will be seniors within a few short years.
We are excited about the new road we are taking and want you to join in on the activities at the Sister Kennedy Centre. Come on down, have fun with friends and old acquaintances—and make new ones.
Coffee/tea is only $1 and the refill is free.
The door is open to everyone and I’m personally inviting you to visit. Hope to see you soon!
Yours truly,
Nick Wihnan
Fort Frances, Ont.