Don’t give a voice to the anti-vax

Dear editor,

It was with profound disappointment that I read the Jeer in the Oct 19th bulletin in which the author contends that vaccinated people are the now ones who are dangerously spreading the virus.

Publishing this jeer was not a responsible decision by the Fort Frances Times. you provided anti-vaxxers with a forum to put forward false information that will continue to support anti-vax arguments and continue to discourage people who are hesitant to take the vaccine.

The medical science is clear. The 4th wave is, in general, already declining. We did not experience significant spikes in cases from school starting or gatherings during holidays such as Labour Day, National Truth and Reconciliation Day or Thanksgiving Weekend. This is because people are vaccinated.

While vaccinated people can still get covid and transmit it, the medical science tells us that the vaccine reduces hospitalization by over 10x and significantly reduces the symptoms of those who are vaccinated and contract the virus. However, contrary to the Jeer author’s premise, it is, predominantly, the unvaccinated who are in the hospital, draining our resources and pushing our health care workers to exhaustion. It is the unvaccinated contracting the virus and spreading it through close contacts.

Less than 13% of the population is not vaccinated in Ontario. Some of the 13% cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons. Some of the 13% is hesitant to receive the vaccine. And sadly, some of the 13% is anti-vax. Stop giving this last group a forum for their propaganda drivel. Be more responsible.

Thank you.
Craig Miller