Ditch the hype

David M. Bourgeault

Dear Mike:
Re: “From the House” column by our member of Parliament, John Rafferty, in the April 11 edition of the Fort Frances Times.
Now, how does that old country and western song go: “Dear John, Oh how I hate to write etc., etc.” However, with numerous targets to aim my verbiage at, I took exception to the sensationalistic tone of your message.
Yes, John, you are only doing your job. But I would ask that in future you print facts which have been verified.
Your final point was about Mr. Harper telling all Canadians under the age of 54 that they must work two years longer and lose $22,000 in Old Age Security payments because there is no money in the piggy bank.
This is a sensational statement I wish to challenge. I, for one, would love to be getting $11,000 per year in Old Age Security payments, but I am not. I have other income that then guarantees me the basic Old Age pension of $510.21 per month, or $6,122.52 per year.
Anything over that amount is called Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), and it has a separate application form and has a maximum and minimum amount on a sliding scale, which is based on “other” income an individual receives and includes the Canada pension.
Everyone does not receive $22,000 in two years in Old Age Security benefits. If they qualify for GIS, they could get more than the basic amount.
Getting your facts straight in future, and printing truthful columns without all the hype to get people upset, would go a long way to making you and your party believable and acceptable.
Thank you for my letter.
David M. Bourgeault
Fort Frances, Ont.