Dear editor:
I attended the annual Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association meeting and came away from it quite disgusted and disheartened with the news that the association was being sued by its previous sales barn manager.
The cattlemen’s association is a not-for-profit entity, and its only assets are the sales barn in Stratton and a meagre bank account.
The local farming community already is in enough strife from B.S.E., government regulations, and lack of an abattoir, to mention a few.
If this lawsuit is successful, it could mean the end of the local sales barn that was erected by volunteers in the past, who helped build it as another solution for the sale of area livestock.
I hope, if nothing else, that this letter will make both sides realize that nobody wins in this type of situation and, ultimately, the ones affected will be the whole farming community if we were to lose the local sales barn.
To the directors who are elected volunteers, I hope your decision was carefully considered and weighed before it was made as to the possible ramifications.
To the previous sales barn manager, your lawsuit might not only affect the ones you are angry with, but could affect the entire farming community if the sales barn were to close.
Is this what you really want? I sincerely hope not!
To the rest of the farming community, myself included, if you do not become actively involved in local organizations’ decisions, maybe made that could affect you negatively, you will have no one to blame but yourself!
Murray McDonald
Stratton, Ont.