Dear sir:
This letter is in response to the announcement in Monday’s Bulletin, “Infant death investigated.”
First of all, the way this comes across to some people is harsh. Maybe whoever wrote this report up should stop and think of the families involved before they decide on their headlines.
Secondly, those people who have their own version of this situation, stop. Enough is enough. Doesn’t anybody think of the families that they may be hurting? Doesn’t anybody care any more?
The truth is a wonderful thing. Try telling the truth, not some wild story they have heard over coffee. I have heard many of these versions myself, and I cannot believe the way some people can be so cruel and empty-hearted. Unbelievable.
I personally know this family and I know different. How would you feel if this was your loved one and these lies were being spread around town about you? Think before you repeat gossip.
If people would try to repeat the truth, not some terrible lie, this town would be a better place to live.
Big-time disgusted,
Ann Flamand