Disgraceful road

I would like to draw attention concerning a road allowance within the limits of the Township of Fort Frances.
The Town of Fort Frances owns property on both sides of this road although the one side is situated in the Township of Miscampbell, the balance of Fort Frances side are taxpayers to Fort Frances. A small tax in comparison is paid to Miscampbell roads board.
Administration of town wants to play tit for tat–if you won’t play my kind of ball, I won’t play unless I get the whole ball field. This could mean annexing a portion of Miscampbell into this ball field, even though this would be dividing Miscampbell into two parts. This has been denied by municipal affairs so far.
Most streets in town are fairly maintained including drainage as far as Fifth Street.
Council will pass projects but I don’t believe one of them will inspect it or when things are carried out those taxpayers of the town receive nothing from the town and this road is a disgrace.
Stephen Caul