Devoted nurses

Dear Mike:
Having recently been a patient at La Verendrye General Hospital here in Fort Frances, I have come to know the operation of it well.
The “girls,” as they collectively and respectfully refer to themselves, make up the heart of the operation, whose absence would render the hospital mere brick and mortar with nothing being accomplished within.
By simply pressing on the call button at each bedside, you will have 24-hour service every day and night, seven days a week, including all Sundays and holidays.
They serve you with a smile regardless of the time of day or night, whether to bring your “meds” or a glass of ice water or juice. Dedication is the key word here along with devotion to duty—both of which are obvious daily.
When time permits, which is always at a premium, some of the girls will trim your toenails and fingernails, and top that off with a haircut as required. What more could one expect from these dedicated nurses!
Particularly impressive were the young “student nurses,” whose overwhelming youthful enthusiasm and obvious desire to do well with their patients would bring tears to the eyes of a Bengal tiger!
Without hesitation, I would say a devoted nurse is of more true value than all the precious jewels that make up the tiara that adorns the Queen’s head.
At the end of the day, all they expect and deserve from you is respect—and perhaps a smile and a “thank you”!
Jas. E. Andrews
Devlin, Ont.