Desperate need

Dear editor:
I would like to respond to the editorial of April 25, which included what my daughter wrote about her addiction to Oxycontin.
Our children/teens are calling out for help, only to be told there is a three- to six-month wait to get into the Kenora rehab centre. They are asking for help now—a long wait could be very devastating to them.
We, as parents/guardians, need to work together to get them the help they need ASAP.
My daughter is only one of the hundreds of kids that are in need of this type of facility. She is one of the fortunate ones who has been able to start to rebuild a clean and drug-free lifestyle.
Perhaps if we all speak out, we will be able to speed the process of a rehab centre here in Fort Frances, where it is in desperate need.
Thank you, once again, to Morningstar Rehab, Jeff Tilbury, and Dr. E. Spencer for helping with the return of our daughter.
Cathy Tovey
Fort Frances, Ont.