Deserving thanks

To the editor:
I think a great big thank you is in order to Stacy and Wayne Johnson, who have done a wonderful job down at the Sorting Gap Marina the past couple of years.
The time and effort they put into turning our marina into a place of beauty–where one can enjoy the waterfront, have a meal or snack, launch their boats, meet friends, and engage in pleasant conversation–is truly priceless.
From planting flowers to pumping gas, making tasty meals and generous ice cream cones, launching boats, and helping lost tourists find their way, their days are long and full. Yet you can always count on a warm smile and a kind word from these two very giving individuals. These remarkable people, who care about others and are giving of themselves to help improve their community, are what makes the “Gap” such a special place.
I’m sure someone else could “run” the marina. But would they put their heart and soul into it? The Johnsons would be a hard act to follow!
With summer coming to an end, I am saddened there are but a few days left before the “Gap” is closed for the season. I know I will miss the bottomless pot of coffee and pleasant, often humorous, conversations. My only consolation is to look forward to next spring when it opens again, hopefully with Stacy and Wayne once again behind the counter offering warm smiles and great service.
To Stacy and Wayne, thank you.
Frank Fraser
Fort Frances