Dear Mr. Editor:

Dear sir:
Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty?”
We recently saw a gentleman’s name and reputation dragged through the mud. The lady responsible for collecting the monies for these Nevada tickets had ’fessed up in January, 1997 in a letter to the editor. I believe she admitted it was her mistake. A very honourable thing to do.
This man had paid the money owing before an investigation was done. Why did he even pay it without supporting invoices? A man of integrity, probably.
How does the OPP justify a very expensive investigation to us, the taxpayer? Why aren’t they investigating the $18,000 still outstanding? An investigation on an individual (re a bill) where the OPP never even entered the business premises seems very strange. I’m glad I don’t own a business.
Not to mention the cost and horror this individual and his family must have had to endure over a year.
I would conclude that there should be a few public apologies here and that the system is very broken. I wouldn’t want to be the next victim–pretty scary.
Mary Hunter