Continuing story

Dear editor,

The ongoing demolition of the forest resource processing facility in Fort Frances is the final chapter of a story that began when Resolute Forest Products closed this facility in early 2014. Resolute Forest Products is a for profit publicly traded company that utilizes the resources from the Crown Forest under License issued and monitored by the MNRF according to the objectives set out in the Crown Forest Sustainability Act. The company’s CEO is responsible to its Board of Directors who in turn are accountable to shareholders for the profitability of the company, this is not about the Company. This story is about the MNRF’s responsibilities established by the Legislature, in the Crown Forest Sustainability Act.

The only amendment to SFL No.542245 from January 2014 to September 9th 2020 was the Order that extended this License from March 31st 2022 to March 31st 2032. The Boundary Waters Forest Management Corporation was authorized to implement the Forest Management Plan for the Boundary Waters Forest under this License, as amended by the Minister on September 10th,2020. This SFL dates back to 1995 and has been amended many times over the years, it is not a new Enhanced Sustainable Forest License for the new Crown Boundary Waters Forest. The September 10th 2020 amendments to this SFL, beyond the deletion of clause 3.1, are significant and material to our forest. The MNRF since 2014 has supported the position that the wood allocation from the forest is attached to the Company and not the facility. I will continue this story in my next letter.

David Kircher