Club missed

Bill Morrison

Dear Mike:
One of the things I really have missed over the last four or five years is the kraft and paper mill’s “25-Year Club” banquet.
We would all get together and have a great meal, welcome the new members who worked 25 years, and spend a lot of time socializing with the retired members.
It was fun to see those new guys and gals who accomplished working 25 years in one place like we did! We also had a moment of silence, after a roll call, for those who had passed away.
There are more than 350 retired old-timers and there must be at least 300 active old-timers still working.
I don’t think the mill will ever start this club back up, so we’ll have to do it ourselves! If we could get a initial group of six-eight people of both old-timers and active old-timers, we could kick off a new “25-Year Club” and carry on the tradition ourselves!
We would have to do without all those speeches but, oh well, we can still visit, eat, drink, and have a great time reminiscing.
Old-timers, if you are interested in helping, please call me at 274-9648 (home) or 275-8707 (cellphone), or e-mail me at
I don’t think there will be much work to put an ad in the paper, and get a hall, caterer, and whatever else a kick-off committee would decide to do.
Bill Morrison
Fort Frances, Ont.
(Started 1964
and retired 2002)