Close moose season

Dear editor:
When the Ontario government cancelled the spring bear hunt, I told them then that within a few years our moose population would be in trouble.
Now it is.
The reason for this is no boar bear being killed in the spring as 98 percent of all spring bear killed are boars.
Now we have the spring bear cubs as big bear—and their diet before berries are moose calves and grass.
Bear eat 15 percent of our young moose calves, hunters get 20 percent of our calves in the fall, and wolves get another 10 percent of the calves, meaning only about 50 percent of moose calves are left for the winter survey.
I recommend a complete closure of moose season for everyone (natives included) for at least five years.
I was guiding hunters in 1941—the last time the moose season was closed for everyone. It should be closed again.
Allan Kielczewski
Fort Frances, Ont.