Christmas spirit

Dear sir:
On behalf of all of us at Rainycrest Home for the Aged here, I would like to say a special thank you to the auxiliary, volunteers, staff, family, and friends of Rainycrest for making Christmas, 2005 a busy and fun holiday for the residents.
It was heart-warming to see the huge amount of giving and sharing of personal time and good will.
The Christmas spirit was felt by all—from singing choirs, church, and youth groups to piano recitals, bands, daycare kids, and “Red Hatters.” We had it all.
Thanks also for the kindness of gifts and visits for those without families or friends in the area, as well as the special elders’ party and donations of poinsettias from the auxiliary.
Thank you, thank you. All the best in the New Year to come.
Heather Hudson
Activation co-ordinator,
Rainycrest Home
for the Aged