Bridging concerns

Dear editor,

As I am pushing towards 99 years of age I thought it would be a good idea to write you one letter before I lose most of my bells and whistles.

I am concerned that the International bridge is going to be a headache for every one in the Rainy River District and beyond for a long time to come. I have a simple suggestion; The Feds take over the Bridge and pay a fair compensation to everyone concerned and simply put the Rainy River-Baudette rules to use. I think that is the least all Govt levels can do to give the people of Fort Frances and the district one less thing to worry about, after all they have been through with the loss of the mill and the ongoing problems caused by the pandemic. I came to this district 43 yrs ago upon the urgings of my dear wife who grew up in Emo and district and wanted to retire here for he rest of her life. Both my wife and I are WW2 Veterans and although my wife has passed I still think she was so right. I have met wonderful people in all walks o life here and have enjoyed all the advantages of small town life. God Bless.

Gordon Woolard