I am a 10-year resident of Thunder Bay, but grew up in the Morson area, and have seen some flooding in my life.
I am hopeful that all who have lost their homes, received damages, and are still working to get back to some normalcy can find comfort and support from their communities.
I recently was viewing the submitted flood photos and I was awestruck by the damage and destruction these waters have caused. I was wondering why the photo captions were just titles, and no area location were given for each photo?
It would have been much appreciated if the locations also were given as many more people could come to realize and appreciate the hardships dealt with by the residents of all of Rainy River District, Lake of the Woods, and Rainy Lake area.
There are many of us who have left the district who rely on Internet access and the Times to keep up to date with the events in that area, and I feel the impact of these floodings would have been greatly felt if we knew where these photos were taken.
Also, the government has been rather “slow” in the past when it comes to flood relief, and that these photos and area locations have a very strong impact and probably could send a very strong message to them.
I see the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program is up and running. I hope everyone in the area takes the time to fill these out as the rain keeps coming and the need continues to grow.
By the by, good coverage on the flooding, and keep up the fine work.
L. Gibbins
Thunder Bay, Ont.