Answers demanded

Dear sir:
Town council has been very quiet on issues surrounding the Fort Frances Clinic purchase and the move to a Family Health Team concept of medical care.
Where is council on this subject?
We know the Sault Ste. Marie-based GHA dropped out because they believed (as we did) that they had a serious conflict of interest if they continued (as originally planned) as per council’s first agreement.
Thus, it must be fair to assume the original agreement has either been rendered mute or modified. Which is it? Are you going to tell us or is there another hidden agenda?
The amended resolution of council—to direct $1 million of tax dollars to a board yet to be determined—stands where? Are the details available to the public or will we find out when it is a done deal?
Who will be on this board? How will the board be governed? How will this board pay back the $1 million over 15 years when the money will be expended up front?
Will there be enough revenues to ensure this payback—or would there be an outstanding liability for those who become members of this new board of directors?
Is it possible, without the town forgiving the $1 million up front, that each board member may (by law) be personally liable to the town for this money?
Questions must be asked and answered now. The application deadline to move to a Family Health Team concept (rostering) is Feb. 21, 2006 (to the ministry of health). Council promised public input, and to listen to all points of view, yet council continues to lock the public out.
It’s time to do what council promised—provide the information and documentation necessary to allow the general public to make an informed decision.
Please stop this back-door, hidden agenda approach. This is not the topic where four or five people should be attempting to ram things down our throat. Let’s be open and public on this matter.
Let us have the input council promised us.
I would like to recommend that council pass a resolution to have this issue placed on the November ballot (a little over nine months away). I also would like to recommend that the wording of the resolution be developed by a joint committee of council, of which we would be more than willing to participate in.
In closing, I am asking the town clerk, by way of this letter, to provide us with a copy of all documents, notes, and papers, under the Privacy and Freedom of Information Act, as it relates to all and every matter dealing with the direct and indirect matters surrounding the Fort Frances Clinic purchase and the $1 million taxpayer expenditure.
We are willing to pay a reasonable fee, as established under the Privacy and Freedom of Information Act.
Your response ASAP would be greatly appreciated.
Yours truly,
Allan T. Bedard