Helen Cates

What a privilege to be nurtured in a family where the biblical views of love were so evident, cherished and endorsed. If only every young adult were blessed and launched with these attributes. However, that can only happen if we recognize that we all are created in God’s image.
As God’s image bearers, how dare we insult Him by the names we call others, but even more so by the names we call ourselves.
In the past, circuses exploited people with physical differences, calling them freaks. Thankfully, that has been abolished. Now, in the 21st century, I find it hard to understand all the negative names that people who struggle with their sexual orientations tolerate and embrace, but most of all flaunt and depict, as so evident in the pride organizations.
Please do not do this to yourselves; it is a dishonour to who you really are, but a greater dishonour to your Creator. For that reason, I can never be entertained by your parades. I am so saddened that you felt the need to ambush the Emo community and target three men that show such humble integrity while they represent their constituents. Now if you finished your parade as planned, great! I applaud you! This is a good place to start showing some sign of reconciliation.
Helen Cates