All lifestyles equal

Pastor Shane G Belding

Dear Editor

I am writing in response to your May 20th editorial “Intolerance should be history.” I agree that tolerance of disgraceful inhumane treatment of other humans should be a thing of history and I can fight alongside of you for that sort of a future in Canada. Your article errors in that you are not fighting for humane treatment of other humans but instead for the special treatment of a particular group of human beings. The “LGBTQ2+ citizens” you address are first human beings and should have the rights of respect and fair treatment as humans and not as LGBTQ2+ citizens. The attack on people who view this lifestyle as unnatural or sinful is an attack on free speech and free thought. It has never been criminal to disagree strongly with another person?
Freedom of thought and speech as well as freedom of religion is also within the Charter of Rights. The LGBTQ2+ citizens don’t have a right to force other people to accept their lifestyle. They do have a right before God and this country to be treated with respect as fellow humans. You make a person’s lifestyle the definition of his humanity and this is simply contrary to fact. Civil rights battles were about human rights not lifestyles. We are created in the image of the creator God and are of more value than any other living creature. For this reason, all humans deserve respect and decent treatment— “Love your neighbor as yourself”. To argue that the LGBTQ2+ citizens have special rights is simply false and destructive for all sides. The lifestyle choices of any particular group should not be promoted over any other group. The Mayor of Emo is actually respecting the rights of all humans by not promoting one group over the other; elected officials have no business placing the imprimatur (declaration of authorization) of government on any lifestyle. There are no special interest group flags flown in Emo nor should there be.

Pastor Shane G Belding
Victory Baptist Church,