A response to “Going after bullies”

Dear editor,

I would like to address the content of the letter ”Going After Bullies” which appeared in last Wednesday’s Times.
Without taking into account the intentions of any individual it can be easy to become offended. Especially if it involves reading someone else’s mail that was never intended for you.

I see the actions of Mayor June Caul as those of a peacekeeper. In her public role she has remained neutral and fair, granting the request of a group of folk wishing to use town property as part of their annual celebration.

In a more private situation she extends words of kindness and understanding to comfort one of her peers who has come under fire for refusing the same request from the same folk.

Yes. It is disappointing to be turned down. However, the mature response could be something like “Oh they’re not ready yet, let’s try again next year.” Gathering a show of physical presence (peaceful demonstration) and expecting others to shame and shun this person appears to be revengeful and vindictive. To then go after a person attempting to defuse the emotional tidal wave by name calling is at best the behaviour normally expected of petulant children.
If in future years, you are granted your request how will you ever know if you have “won someone over” or if they have merely caved in to avoid the tantrums of previous responses.

Marilyn Erwin