A case for Canada

Dear editor,

I saw the article and suggestion by Bill Naturkach to use Front Street name and continue onto Colonization Rd. E.

I am suggesting that the name Canada Street replace Colonization Road West.

There is a “Canada Street” in Hamilton Ontario that is five blocks long.

In winter of 2001, we took a European vacation. We took a tour bus through southern Ireland and toured the Waterford Glass factory.

On the brochure was the address of Canada Street, in Ireland! We can use the name Canada Street as for directions of traffic, and location of residences and businesses. It will be numbered as is for Col. Rd. W. If you choose to have continue “Front Street” and use “Canada Street”, as separate names, the 911 calls will be for each and NOT East or West.

Our Canada Street will border properties adjacent to the international boundary of Ontario and Minnesota. What an opportunity to get FREE advertising of our place on WORLD MAP with GOOGLE ALSO.

With signage, and places for tourists to pose for photo ops, we can also be happy with the new name.

Melvin Haukaas